6.5 Creedmoor Load Details

Bullet: 143 gr. Hornady ELD-X
Powder: IMR - 4350
Min Charge: 36.1 gr.
Max Charge: 42.0 gr.
Optimal Charge: 40.3 gr.
Cartridge Overall Length: 2.800 inches
Compressed Charge: No
Muzzle Velocity: 2650 fps

Extremely accurate and consistent. Achieved .5 MOA - 1 MOA groups with Savage Model 10 BA-Stealth at 100 yards.

Contributed by: Powder Master 11-28-17 09:31 PM UTC

I did a load workup today based on this data, in 0.3 gr increments from 40.0 to 42.1 gr, through my Winchester XPR at 100m. I definitely agree with the accuracy of this load. The only groups over 2 MOA were my fault for pulling, and I had 5 weights that grouped 0.5-0.9 MOA.

Contributed by: Yuritau 02-04-18 04:57 AM UTC

After another 50 rounds of development, I'm still unable to say which is my optimal charge. Three weights remain tied for best accuracy: 40.3gr, 40.9gr, and 41.5gr. All three produce 0.4-0.8 MOA groups at 100m.

Fun problem to have, really.

Contributed by: Yuritau 02-13-18 06:49 PM UTC

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