.308 Winchester Load Details

Bullet: 165 gr. Speer SPBT
Powder: Accurate - 2520
Min Charge: 43.0 gr.
Max Charge: 47.7 gr.
Optimal Charge: 47.0 gr.
Cartridge Overall Length: 2.800 inches
Compressed Charge: No
Muzzle Velocity: Not measured

2,850. fps in Ruger American 22". No adverse pressure signs, consistent performance.

Contributed by: PR3 10-21-19 11:55 PM UTC

Using 46 grains BLC2 and CCI #34 military primers pushed 165 gr Speer BTSP 2860's FPS with 26" barrel, achieving about .6-.7 MOA

Contributed by: DougM 04-17-21 01:08 PM UTC

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