9mm Load Details

Bullet: 124 gr. Sierra JHP
Powder: Accurate - No. 5
Min Charge: 5.0 gr.
Max Charge: 5.6 gr.
Optimal Charge: 5.2 gr.
Cartridge Overall Length: 1.090 inches
Compressed Charge: No
Muzzle Velocity: Not measured

Stock #9924


1040fps Min

1100fps Max.

5.0 - 5.1* Noted to use Caution, as minimum charge is Low Speed or Low Pressure

5.2  - 5.6** Noted to use Caution as Maximum Charges. 

** Minimums & Maximums should be approached with Caution as either Low Pressure or High Pressure, respectively

Contributed by: MolonLabe7 05-28-21 09:17 PM UTC

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