Setting Your Dies and Powder Measure

Getting your dies set up is the most tedius task to take care of when getting your reloading equipment in order but the good news is that you generally only have to do it once for each die set that you own. Once they are set, you won't have to mess with them again unless you feel that they need adjustments or you need to clean them.

You might need a crescent wrench in order to get them tight enough or to adjust the decapping die which sometimes is not tight enough.

This is also where you will be using your calipers and where you will use your scale to set your powder throw to the correct amount of powder.

The following video goes through the process for my Lee Precision 4-hole turret press with a 9mm die set. The process is more or less the same when using a single stage press so you should be able to do either one by watching this video. I don't have a progressive press like a Dillion 650 so I can't be more specific on how that is set up but there are other resources on YouTube and the like that explain how to do that type of press and it's dies as well. The general idea is more or less the same though.